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Sharing distinctiveness with no model and inspiring more lust than others in the market is how the new model 2014 Range Rover Sport from the giant British car manufacturer Land…
Rent Range Rover Sport in Dubai UAE View Gallery
Year Model: 2014
Car Category: SUV Car Rental

Rent Range Rover Sport in Dubai UAE

Sharing distinctiveness with no model and inspiring more lust than others in the market is how the new model 2014 Range Rover Sport from the giant British car manufacturer Land Rover stand defiantly and even more deserving of that desire. This 2014 Range Rover Sport standout with styling, an aura of exclusivity and a plethora of features that prove it now more stylish, more capable and 800 pounds lighter. The 2014 Range Rover Sport is as distinct as ever, but improved fuel economy and an available 3rd-row seat also make it a more viable alternative to more common midsize luxury SUVs in the market.

External Features

This 2014 Range Rover Sport seems to compete on every level and with what it introduced of external modifications make it pleasing to drive and perfectly practical. From the sleeker sheet metal down to the new aluminum unibody construction that’s helped shave 800 pounds compared to its predecessor, the 2014 Range Rover Sport is a wholly new creation.
The trimming it undergone coupled with aluminizing that single molded unit forming both the bodywork and chassis of a vehicle, the 2014 Range Rover Sport looks pretty clearly the boldest, hottest-looking SUV in the segment. Still instantly identifiable as a member of the Range Rover family, the 2nd-generation Range Rover Sport better lives up to the promise of the Sport suffix, thanks in large part to sleeker, more contemporary front and rear styling.

Engine levels: Their Specs, Abilities and Options

Externally a vehicle to amaze as a luxury and sport craze and too good to be true if coupled with an engine range and that is the case with this 2014 Range Rover. This 2014 Range Rover luxury and sport lineup includes two supercharged engines, both matched with a responsive 8-speed automatic transmission. According to Land Rover, V6 models will run to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, while V8 versions will do it in 5.0 seconds. The added power of the V8 is nice, but the V6 is plenty of an engine for the svelte new Sport. Indeed, the automaker expects about 8 in 10 buyers to go with a V6 model. 
The highly expected sought after V6 is 3.0-liter supercharged, makes 340 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 332 lb-ft of torque at 3,500-5,000 rpm and according to EPA standards sets city/highway fuel economy at 17/23 mpg, while the V8 is 5.0-liter supercharged, makes 510 horsepower at 6,000-6,500 rpm and 461 lb-ft of torque at 2,500-5,500 rpm and according to EPA standards sets city/highway fuel economy at 14/19 mpg.


Still speculating on what this 2014 Range Rover can do with all this power, engine specs and mobility, drive it on the landscapes, asphalts and country roads of Dubai and get impressed. Drive this 2014 Range Rover Sport over undulating Emirati country roads, through tightly spaced old Emirati towns, up muddy hills, along the off-roads, wadis and saharis of the Emirate and the Gulf, into and out of the deepest water you’ve ever braved, and on an active Emirati runway at 145 mph, and the 2014 Range Rover will act brilliantly every step of the way.
Since it is a downright comfortable and responsive SUV, without any sign of the compromise you’d expect to result from trying to design and tune an amazing off-roader that’s also supple and sporty on pavement, what will ultimately impress you most about this 2014 Range Rover Sport, however, one can suspect will be not how effortlessly it will handle the extremes, but how pleasant it will drive around town and on the highway, where most of vehicles will be driven most of the time.

Internal Features

What distinguished this 2014 Range Rover Sport from others in the market and made it the boldest, hottest-looking SUV in the segment was what science and engineering devoted to making it lighter and more nimble and which comes down to one word: aluminum. This 2014 Range Rover Sport seems also to have a serene, stately cabin with favorite, standard, optional and safety features.
New internal features were added to this 2014 Range Rover Sport to make it roomy and special. As such the Sport's cabin has never looked better, and extra room in almost all dimensions solves one of the demanding requests from Range Rover. These new features for the 2014 model include the so-called "5+2" third-row seating, allowing occasional transport of up to seven people, with full-time seating for five. Definitely, you want to be back there if you’re on a trip in Dubai with a small family or a few numbering friends.
Additionally also, premium materials meet tasteful design inside this 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, creating a passenger cabin that offers the modern feel of a contemporary highly sought after vehicle’s interior, but is perhaps a little more elegant in its simplicity. The Range Rover Sport’s infotainment offering has all the phone and audio connectivity you may need in a two day trip with the car in Dubai.
The completely new 2014 Range Rover Sport's cabin is a subtle knockout, almost indistinguishable from the Range Rover's in its stripped-down appeal and its boutique use of aluminum, wood, and leather and the rear seats split and fold down to extend the Sport's cargo floor, for finely finished storage space. If you'd like to store more kids back there, you're covered for the completely new 2014 Range Rover Sport has a new +2 seating option, in which a small pair of seats flips up from the cargo floor.

Favorite Features

What definitely is an add to the distinctiveness of this 2014 new Range Rover Sport and increase the driving impressions from exploiting it on the asphalt and off-roads are features like torque vectoring  and terrain response 2 auto.
As to torque vectoring, one can find on all V8 models of this 2014 new Range Rover Sport that due to that feature, the new Range Rover Sport can shift more torque to the rear outside wheel while turning, enabling quicker and smoother turns on the road, with tighter turns off it. 
While with respect to the terrain response double auto feature, the Range Rover Sport V8 models – and V6 models with the Off Road Pack – feature the next-gen version of the automaker’s multi-mode Terrain Response system. The latest iteration includes an Auto mode that uses a variety of sensors to automatically choose the best setup for the current driving situation.

Standard Features

This 2014 Range Rover Sport SE starts at $63,495 and include a lot of standard equipments or features among which are: an air suspension, multi-mode selectable Terrain Response, 60/40 split rear seat, front/rear parking sensors, an 8-inch touch screen display, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, remote-sensing unlock and pushbutton start, infotainment voice control, dual USB ports, a hard-disk navigation system, and 14-way adjustable front seats.

Optional Features

While a fully loaded 2014 Range Rover Sport autobiography tops out at more than $107,000 with high-tech features as optional, like an adaptive cruise control system that works in slow-and-go traffic, “automatic” parallel parking, advanced blind-spot monitoring, a surround-view camera system, and a full LCD instrument panel. Performance-enhancing features that are also optional on this 2014 Range Rover Sport include a 2-speed transfer case, torque vectoring and Terrain Response 2 Auto. Other available niceties on this 2014 Range Rover Sport include a panoramic moon roof, a 3rd-row seat and a 1700-watt, 23-speaker audio system.

Safety Features

With each revision of the Range Rover Sport, the impression of quality is growing deeper and with it safety measures, for in this 2014 Range Rover Sport everything from safety gear to blind-spot monitors and surround-view cameras are now available.
All versions of this Range Rover Sport come with airbags and stability control, and the Range Rover Sport's stability system is programmed with lots of subroutines to be run as accident avoidance. There's roll-stability control, trailer-sway control, as well as corner-brake control--all of which apply brakes selectively to neutralize the threat of diminished vehicle control. Hill-start assist and hill-descent control are also standard, as is a rearview camera.
This Range Rover Sport has also its own dose of the latest technology, including lane departure warnings; blind-spot monitors; proximity sensors; a surround-camera system; parking assist with help for parking in both parallel and perpendicular spots; and automatic high-beam actuation.
Land Rover's adaptive cruise control system adds more features to this 2014 Range Rover Sport, too. At stop-and-go speeds, the system will bring the 2014 Range Rover Sport to a complete halt, and a tap on the gas will resume cruising speed.


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